Superior Dominance: Roaches Have Bigger Worries Than to Die for Us

This peace came from the matter, Holy-Atheism. It may be defined to or by the most under- estimated species of superior dominance. Cockroaches get stepped on, sprayed with poison, ridiculed by disgusted-ness and often metaphorically label nouns disrespectfully. Point the middle finger in the mirror and say, “You’re the filthy cockroach!” This is the first step in finding world peace. If it didn’t exist, it wouldn’t be in words. If it was not ten letters spelled in sequential order, it couldn’t be the possibility.

But to curse the bad word can’t, is saying that nothing can. But can we, the smartest and most dominantly advanced species on this planet; Turn the switch on to world peace? Of course we may. But can we live as simple and positively productive as our faithful pest has? Of course we may! Humans and cockroaches have evolved side by foot for so long. Only to show that we are not the ones who have remained united and strong for so long. Not one thing has changed for cockroaches except, we have trashed just enough shit for them to thrive with. If a filthy ‘fuckin’ cockroach can stay faithfully united to survive the way they have; well then mankinds answer is, “We are bigger, smarter and better off than they are, so of course we may.”

After all these years and the pedagogy to learn, we have been mandated by greed. Taking for granted our wonderful time. Life is time. We fail to spend it surviving to live in peace. Instead we waste it living our survival, selfishly taking the creations we chose to demand. We have been brought to the year 2012, at this very second in time. We have foolishly fallen into a deep un-escapable trance. These feelings of power and greedy dominance are why we are in submission to their art of teaching to dictate. Whether we are the dictator or the dictated, this is all we know. We cannot escape this killer. But we can immortalize our future from being, this is how it is and that is that!

But why choose to believe the pedagogy of another, dead man walking dictator? An advocate who tells you something in fact, from a book he or she did not write. Instead of making the deaf choice to accept their beliefs, ask, “Why is it the currency of our way-of-life? Isn’t it undoubtedly a piece of murdered life derived from oxygen producing trees, another form of natural life?” I say it is a sin to take what gave the earth you. Or still it is suicide to kill what evolved us all. Either way, life will be granted what is rightfully, not in our control. “Holy-Atheism,! We really don’t have a choice!”